Thursday, March 22, 2012


ALL STAMP SETS $5 each (faster for you to google these than wait for me to post pics!)

S1201 Little Reminder
S1111 Cherish the Day
A1109 A Sip
A1113 A Game
B1381 Holiday Cheer SOLD
D1492 Christmas Love SOLD
A1110 A Timber
B1316 Coffee Stain
S1110 Holiday Magic
CC1014 (1 stamp is ruined, but this is a double pack) SOLD
C1417 In the Month of July
C1469 December 25th
B1311 Summer Sweetness
CC1015 Holiday Wishes SOLD
TopCoats (missing 2) $1 SOLD
Waxy Flax Colonial White $1 SOLD

Holiday Pockets $1
3 Black 12x12 Scrapbook Page Frames (Michaels $15.99 plus tax) $5. each
Paper Kits with 4 12x12 sheets $1. each
CTMH Lululemon style tote bags $1 each

Cash only, pick up only First come
Thanks for looking!

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